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When no less than Roger Ebert chooses to give you birthday shoutouts, then you definitely deserve a little video love.

David Mamet is 62 today.

In a way, this should almost be the Saturday Night Live version, but sometimes you just have to stay true to the original. Yeah, sure, the live stage, Broadway types will argue movies suck and Mamet is written for the moment, but whatever. Let them find theater on YouTube.

Time to play "Guess the authenticity!"

the latest soon-to-be viral video shows a van getting housed on a New York City corner. It wanders seemingly accidentally through a construction zone to meet the business end of a wrecking ball (can a ball have an end?).

Anyway, boom goes the minivan and then starts the debate that's tearing our society apart in the Internet age: Is it real or not? Prevailing sentiment in most comment fields is that this is fake. It was not on the local New York news and only seems to exist in YouTube land. The logic from one Digger:

Obviously a scene filmed for a movie...

• you can hear the director yell cut

• a normal wrecking ball would drive right through the car, not stop after hitting it (i.e. fake, lighter ball)

• you can see the hydraulic attachment to the bottom of the van that causes it to flip

• PA on walkie-talkie saying "Sara, stand by".

• Guy saying "That was right on target"... obviously he had been standing there watching the scene being set up.

Most believe it to be a marketing campaign, either for a movie currently filming, or, more improbably, for Astro Boy, which is advertised on the side of the bus that pulls through just after the big bash.

Either way, you can beat fun at the ol' ball car park.

There's really very little that can be added to this brilliant rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the Muppets. Don't know why, don't care why. All I know is that it's in glorious 1080p and today is gloomy. So enjoy!

Some amazing footage, captured by a security camera on the Mustek building in Midrand, South Africa. But can you imagine what must have been going through the drivers' head as apparent Hellfire rained down, only to blink out in seconds?

Not to worry, though, it was merely the relatively harmless Geminids meteor shower bringing about 100 space rocks down per hour on the bottom of the Earth.

Sadly, the only thing Chicago security cameras ever capture is cops beating up petite Polish bartenders and red light offenders.

Very cool - unless you were in one of those cars.

Via @dimity123

For when you go Thanksgiving caroling ...

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thanks.jpgHeidi Hartwig, 15, of Genoa (who performs under the stage name of Glory) performs her original songs at "A Sycamore Thanksgiving" at the Sycamore Public Library on Monday. (Curtis Clegg/For the Courier-News)

It's almost time for mistletoe and holly. Almost -- who are we kidding? WLIT has already switched over to full-time Christmas tunes, and my corner CVS has had Day Glo-red stockings and cheap "gift ideas" for weeks already. But normal people like you and me, we'll wait till Friday to start really thinking about Christmas. We certainly won't sing about it till then.

But, in the meantime, what to put on the iPod to get you in that feasting mood?

There are Christmas carols galore, of course, but foolishly no Thanksgiving carols. Turkey Day, however, possesses a handful of tunes. Here are a few of our favorites (alas, some of these are stingy 30-second samples, can't be helped):

"Thanksgiving Day" by Ray Davies
Leave it to a Brit, the lead singer from the Kinks, so ably sum up America's feast with a nice backbeat ...

Click through for the whole playlist ...

Paula Deen's hamtastrophy!

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I believe this particular pass play is called the Ham Mary.

During a charity event yesterday in which celebrity chef Paula Deen was helping to unload 25,000 pounds of meat at an Atlanta food bank, one of the workers needed a football break. He threw a ham to her. Actually, at her. He hit Deen in the face.

"I thought it busted my lip, but it didn't," she said.

Though smiles and laughter, Deen added: "I'm OK. It just knocked me for a little bit."

She says she was unloading hams when she tossed one to a man, who then said "Back at 'ya." Thinking he meant it only as a sentiment, she turned around to get another ham when the errant swine came at her. "He really meant, 'Back at 'ya."'

Later, she tweeted: "I haven't met the ham that could stop me yet!"

There is, of course, video ...


The first shot released at a very NSFW of Levi Johnston and his armpit hair.

Levi Johnston, or is that Ricky Hollywood, is a classy guy. Yeah, he's doing a Playgirl pictorial, but it's arty, not filled with gratuitous junk.

The Bristol Palin knocker-upper decided to keep little Ricky Hollywood under wraps, electing no to go full frontal, so he can keep things from devolving into some sort of a circus with people thumbing his page for a glimpse at his naughty bits rather than to get to know him as a person.

See? Classy.

Us Magazine had some additional details of the classic moments of Americana preserved on film:

"'The shoot was fantastic!' Johnston's manager said, adding that the nude model wasn't nervous in the slightest. 'We're having a lot of fun with it,' Jones teases. And, ahem, how much did Bristol Palin's hockey-playing ex reveal? 'People are going to see more of Levi than they thought,' Tank Jones tells Us. 'There was a hockey stick involved.' The fun's not over, either: a second photo session takes place Friday. 'Part two is going to be fantastic. That's all I can say.' "

Now, of course we all know this guy is a puckhead of the highest order. So much so that, according to Playgirl consultant Daniel Nardicio's Twitter feed, he whipped out his hockey stick for a couple pictures.

Picture 20.png

And it must be just that attention to detail that keeps his famous not-mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, willing to leave a seat at the family Thanksgiving table for him. Talking to Oprah on Monday, Palin said she's worried he may not be making the right decisions with his life.

Palin went on to say she finds it "a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now" and that "it's not a healthy place to be." Palin also said Johnston remains a member of the family and that they can work out any troubles. She said she prays for him and that he has an "open invitation" to Thanksgiving dinner.

One can only wonder with breathless anticipation what will happen next.

Who's playing the Super Bowl? Yes! Maybe ...



When Roger Daltrey blew through Chicago on his current solo tour, he said he was just trying to keep his pipes practiced for upcoming projects by The Who -- and one of those projects might be a Super Bowl XLIV halftime performance in January.

Internet rumors are hot today claiming that The Who will be the latest classic rock band (translation: safe booking in a post-Janet Jackson world) taking over the gridiron during the big pro football hootenanny.

Just rumors at this point, nothing confirmed -- except an unnamed source at Sports Illustrated. The official NFL statement, according to the NYPost, is, "When we have something to announce, we'll announce it."

They also note that since the game is on CBS, it certainly makes sense to book The Who. The band's songs are used as themes all three "CSI" franchises on the network: "Who Are You" ("CSI"), "Baba O'Riley" ("CSI: NY") and "Won't Get Fooled Again" ("CSI: Miami").

Recent Super Bowl halftime performers have been Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, the Rolling Stones, U2, Paul McCartney and Prince.

How about a little pure Chicago to kick off a Friday. Flickr user BenSeese uploaded this timelapse gem of The Bean in the spring, but it's still cool today.

The great thing about The Bean, CloudGate if you simply must placate persnickety sculptor Anish Kapoor, is just sitting back and watching how people react to it, near it, in it, etc. This video gives you a speedy taste of the childlike playfulness the mirrored work of art elicits.

And it's a soothing way to head into the weekend. If you like the video, by all means vote it up at WindyCitizen where it was originally dug up.

Sex And Politics.jpg

Eliot Spitzer is set to lecture at Harvard. On ethics.

Let that soak in, Hahvahd smaht kids.

Spitzer Call Girl.jpgThe disgraced former governor and Attorney General of New York, sometimes known by his closest acquaintances, such as his former "date," Ashley Dupre, as "Client 9," has been invited to lecture at the prestigious school, which does not sit well with Kristin Davis, a former Manhattan madam who used to supply the professor with call girls.

Davis, apparently, has sent a letter to professor Lawrence Lessig, of Harvard's Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, decrying the choice as, umm, tainted.

"This sounds fascinating and I would love to attend," Davis wrote of Spitzer's speech today, "but the restrictions of my probation won't allow me to travel outside New York City.

"For nearly 5 years, I supplied Mr. Spitzer with high-priced escorts while he was both Attorney General and Governor. For this crime, I served four months on Rikers Island, had all of my assets confiscated and am now considered a sex offender on 5 years probation. Mr. Spitzer broke both state and federal laws and walked away free.

"I am greatly intrigued as to what Mr. Spitzer could contribute to an ethical discussion when as Chief Executive Law Enforcement Officer of NY he broke numerous laws for which he has yet to be punished. As Attorney General he went around arresting and making examples out of the same escort agencies he was frequenting."

Spitzer resigned as governor on March 17, 2008, taking his good name and Hilary Clinton Superdelegate status with him.

Update with Spitzer's talk, 9 p.m.

By hook or by crook, Spitzer's speech went off without incident - or talk of prostitution Thursday. According to Bloomberg News reports, his talk on ethics skirted any mention of his own, personal research into ethical quagmires:

Only government regulators can force transparency in the financial markets, Spitzer said today during his talk entitled, "From Ayn Rand to Ken Feinberg - How quickly the Paradigm Shifts. What Should Be the Rationale for Government Participation in the Market?"

Spitzer, 50, resigned as governor on March 12, 2008, after he was identified on a federal wiretap arranging to meet at a Washington hotel with a woman who worked for Emperors Club VIP. As New York State attorney general from 1999 to 2006, he was known as "the sheriff of Wall Street" and collected billions in settlements from financial companies such as Merrill Lynch and American International Group, Inc.

Spitzer's speech didn't touch on the actions that led to his resignation.

So, he got in, shifted his paradigm and got out. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

Another in our series of video with no merit beyond a bit of schadenfreude. This one brought to you courtesy of the lads who decided to crack open some brews and try to jump cars over a busted TV out in the middle of nowhere. There's really not much to add, other than to wonder where the guns are? There must have been some shootin' at some point.

Noted in-your-face interviewer Larry King got Carrie Prejean's goat with his hard-hitting quest to find answers about the tarnished beauty queen's mediation and settlement with the Miss California USA pageant.

Oh, yeah. Except that this is Larry King, the soft-balling questioner tarnished celebrities book to feel like they're in a safe place. But even King's kid gloves were too much for Prejean, who's doing the gab circuit to flog her new book, causing her to toss her mic and clam up while a clearly befuddled King went to break.

The problem seemed to stem from King's repeated questions about the framework of Prejean's settlement. The ex-queen continued to brush aside questions as "inappropriate" and cited a confidentiality agreement. Oh, and of course there's that non-sextape sex tape floating around that TMZ has said was shot when Prejean was 17.

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist - a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

So, clearly, there's a level of expertise in "inappropriate" behavior at work here.

The CNN dalliance Wednesday night continued down weird lane as Anderson Cooper picked up the topic later.

Cooper's reaction is kinda priceless, actually. Especially when he hears Prejean's describes King as "inappropriate."

Bizarre, indeed. Increasingly so.


Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, circa 2003)


Riverview Park in Chicago, circa 1953.

Theme parks are, by and large, confusing places. There are multitudinous masses of sweaty humanity, milling aimlessly. And always lines bisecting the flow of life and adding to the confusion.

But of course, a little mapping goes a long way to clearing up life's seemingly insurmountable confusions. And that's where this site comes in to, well, play. It's a fascinating collection of theme park maps through the years leading us through the history of confusing fun throughout the world. There's even pdfs of theme park brochures to help you skip through your yesteryear childhood memories.

It's also an interesting trip through America's progress. Take in the relatively simple hand-drawn layout and attractions of 1953 Riverview Park in Chicago and compare it to some of the monstrous new offerings, 2008 Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, for instance, for a case study in how the country's liesure tastes and expectations have changed. It's a visual tale of the quest for bigger, faster, more.

Or, of course, it's merely a geo-coded timeline of the history of mass entertainment and thrill rides. A roller coaster through history.

Hat tip to

11-10-09 Hein flags 1.JPG

Beckham Robbins,4, runs through the Healing Field of Honor that features 2009 American flags on display at Rotary Hill in Naperville - for $35 you can dedicate a flag and come pick it up after the display ends. (Rich Hein~Sun-Times) More Veterans Day photos here.

Over at CouponSherpa, they put together a nice list of free goodies being offered, mostly today, from restaurants and companies looking to show appreciation for veterans. From free meals to discounts on merchandise and services, it's a nice gesture. Among the highlights:

Applebee's Restaurant - Free dinners to veterans throughout the day.

Outback Steakhouse - Free Blooming Onion and beverage.

UNO Chicago Grill- Free entree or individual pizza with an entree or pizza purchase of equal or greater value. - Free "Veterans Day Honor" MP3 album download. The album includes 12 songs by The Bands and Ensembles of the U.S. Armed Forces.

National parks, forests and monuments - Admission is free to everyone on Veterans Day.

Much like Mother's Day, these are people who sacrifice too much in service of others to be thought of only once a year. The tragedy of the Fort Hood massacre is a grim reminder that our veterans and active duty military are a selfless group that puts service to country above personal safety.

It's odd, then, to think that this special day for vets, which began a long journey to national holiday status in the European trenches of World War I, has only been around since 1954. Before that Nov. 11 was set aside as Armistice Day, originally intended to mark the end of WWI. In fact, in the 1970s, the day itself moved around the calendar to keep it on a Monday according to federal law until Nov. 11 was permanently set aside for remembrance.

So if you know a vet or service member, don't forget to let them know from time to time how much you value what they've done. It's so little to ask for people who have given so much.

It was only a matter of time til Hollywood got around to remaking the 1981 stop-motion classic, "Clash of the Titans." Starring a pre-Botox Harry Hamlin and fueled by maybe the last of the cheesy Ray Harryhausen-inspired creatures, this film adaption of the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster to save the Princess Andromeda even seemed a bit dated in 1981 - remember, "Star Wars" and CGI-driven special effects were new to the game, but a step beyond the wave of the future at that point.

So now we get what appears to be a mashup of "300" and the inside of Guillermo del Toro's head. Which is not a bad thing. But to call this a remake does both movies a disservice. The original was from the vein of Saturday morning serials shown in theaters that no longer exist. While the 2010 version is made for a movie audience that demands more realism, if that's what you can call it, with every epic on the screen today.

Anyway, we only have the trailers to compare for the moment, so enjoy those titanic efforts until the expected March release date.

This poor guy is only trying to adopt out a cat in need of a home. But, it being a cat, long the vessel of evil in the animal kingdom, it repays his kindness by trying to kill him.

Sure, YouTube is made for the cute and fuzzy kitties of the world. Pageview upon pageview is built upon the cuteness of baby cats. But, finally, reality has intervened in the form of Pinky.

Pinky ain't no trained chimp. He's not gonna play nice kitty for the camera. What he is gonna do, Mr. Animal Shelter, is turn into a vortex of mean with intentions to crawl up a leg and cause maximum pain.

Yeah, guy, Pinky's a real sweet cat.


Yes, Google is an all-powerful overlord to which we all must bow. But like any good false god or dictator, occasionally trinkets of affection are rained down on the unwashed masses.

So Happy ChrismaHunnaKwanzika, everyone! Google has the gift of free WiFi in select airports for the holidays - starting now through January 15.

"We're very happy to extend our Holiday Wi-Fi gift to the millions of people who will spend time in airports over the next few months," said Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience at Google. "We know that this is a very hectic travel season for people, and we hope that free Wi-Fi will make both traveling and connecting with friends and family a little bit easier."

Sounds great, right? Well, before you get too much spirit flowing, there is a lump of coal in quite a few stockings. The deal only stretches to 47 airports, none in Chicago area, if that's important to you, though Milwaukee and Madison are participating.

Many more exciting press release quotes available here.

The hypnotic drawbridge dance on the Chicago River may build the ire of people unlucky enough to be stuck in their cars, trapped by the klaxon-call of slow maritime progress beneath the street. But it also marks the finer days in our fair city.

Warm weather, sunshine and fun at the lakefront. Some of the best Chicago has to offer.

So as yet another steel-grey day morphs into early night, take a few seconds and think about the summer, courtesy of YouTuber Brunopier in this timelapse shot as a sungle boat floats its way through downtown - a shot that took an hour to get, but you can enjoy in about 30 seconds.


Times are tough all over. And that last thing any free market economy needs as the world pulls out of a global economic meltdown is for a meddling government to get its hands all over employees from a certain sector with a bunch of obtrusive bondage in the form of regulation.

Take lap dancers, for instance.

This plucky subset of service employees in England is feeling backed into a corner as a bill seeking increased regulation of their establishment licensing makes its way through Parliament. The ladies are none too happy about the government interfering in their daily grind, and they showed up at the Houses of Parliament Thursday make it known, reports Bloomberg News:

Lap dancers from across Britain staged a protest outside Parliament in London over plans to toughen licensing laws, saying thousands of jobs are at risk.

"We are looking at over 30,000 unemployed women," said Chris Knight, spokesman of For Your Eyes Only, which has 139 clubs in the U.K. ìNo other industry would have this legislation forced on them. It is to satisfy the moral minority; they think we are the devil incarnate."

Lawmakers are debating whether to close a loophole in the 2003 Licensing Act that has allowed the number of lap-dancing clubs to double to 300. Opponents argue there are too many clubs and that they are inappropriately located, sometimes near schools. Under the proposals, lap-dancing clubs would have to apply to trade as "sex encounter" establishments, alongside sex shops and X-rated cinemas, which face more stringent restrictions. The current law puts lap-dancing clubs in the same category as pubs and cafes.

About 40 women gathered outside Parliament today, holding placards saying, "we are not sex workers" and "keep your laws off our bodies."

According to The Christian Institute, the protesters managed to straddle government locations, setting up a small camp outside the Prime Minister's residence at No. 10 Downing St. as well.

"I am not saying that the industry is perfect," said Donna Roper, 20, who has worked for two years at the Medusa club in Birmingham. "But nor are they - look at their expenses claims," she said, gesturing toward Parliament where lawmakers were embroiled in an expenses scandal over the summer.

In true British fashion - keeping a stiff upper lip and soldiering on.

ODD Elephant Sideswiped.jpg

An elephant that escaped from the Family Fun Circus at the Garfield County Fairgrounds after being spooked caused a vehicle accident Wednesday night (AP)

It's fitting that this auto accident happend on the way home from church. Odds are the at some point a phrase starting with "HOLY" was uttered as it happened.

An Oklahoma couple driving home from church hit an elephant on their way home from church near rural Enid, Okla. Tuesday night. Yes. An elephant.

The betrunked speedbump was an escapee from a nearby circus and collided with the couple's SUV Wednesday night when it ran across a rural highway about 100 miles north of Oklahoma City.

Police say the 29-year-old elephant had escaped earlier that night from the Family Fun Circus at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. The couple weren't injured in the crash, but police say the elephant had a broken tusk and an injured leg. The tusk probably was injured as it tore a hole in the SUV's sheet metal.

After the crash, the elephant was taken to a veterinary school for an exam. Dr. Dwight Olson says the elephant doesn't appear to have serious injuries.

Picture 10.png

If the highlight of the last seven days for you is watching drunken Ewoks hump Al Roker's leg on live TV, well, err ... OK, there's nothing wrong with that. But beyond the obvious fun with bestiality angles involved, it's been a busy week in the Star Wars universe.

Then the continuing saga of Londoner Andrew Ainsworth, an original costumer for the Star Wars films accused of going to the Dark Side for making Storm Trooper uniform reproductions (what, those things produced under a no-bid, exclusive contract or something?) as the case returned to court Tuesday.

Now this, an unearthed photo of Carrie Fisher in full Princess Leia slavegirl garb catching some rays on the set of "Return of the Jedi" - seemingly on Jabba's barge - next to her stunt double, Tracy Eddon. The photo has been around fleetingly, but reappeared in wider circulation for some reason today. And across the world an entire generation of men who were 13 in 1983 suddenly stopped as if there were a great disturbance in the Force.

Perhaps not as great a disturbance as there was when Fisher finally got her wish to have an interesting costume:

"I remember that iron bikini I wore in Episode VI: what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell."

Just how big a deal was this brass masterpiece? There's an entire Wookipedia page on her barb and at least one Web site dedicate entirely to Fisher's metal bikini, which contains this disclaimer: This website is dedicated to the costume worn by Princess Leia following her capture by the crimelord, Jabba the Hutt, in Star Wars, Episode VI : Return of the Jedi.


There doesn't seem to be a backstory - yet - as to who took it or why it's showing up now. But sometimes it's best to just let the Force work in its own way. And just thank your stars that there was no corresponding Luke-in-a-Speedo moment to match.

Oh, and how 'bout those ewoks one more time ...

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here's video of a dog skateboarding.

If you absolutely must have some info, you should check rnickeymouse's YouTube page for an account of how he stumbled upon this scene and his video eventually ended up in an iPhone commercial.

If you really need to know more, you could always check out Tillman, the dog, who has an agent and is available for booking.

Or you could just sit back and enjoy the funny dog on a skateboard. With more than 9 million views, the video doesn't need the traffic. But it's funny, people!

A year ago tonight, hundreds of thousands of Barack Obama supporters filed into Grant Park in Chicago to see the junior senator from Illinois become the first black President of the United States in a landslide win against Sen. John McCain.

11- 4 Stewart Grant Park 13.JPGThe euphoria, right, from Nov. 4, 2008 in Grant Park has died down considerably in the last year. (Scott Stewart~Sun-Times)

It was the culmination in an often bitter two-year fight for a candidate many people knew little about. Supporters in Grant Park - and throughout the country - turned out to mark the historic moment with spontaneous celebrations and joyful exuberance. Even many of Obama's fiercest critics admitted it was an exciting moment in American history as the country took one more step toward closing the race gap.

But glory, as it so often is, was fleeting following the 2008 presidential election. Like the new car, the value begins to plummet and the shine to fade the moment it's driven off the dealership lot. No longer is it enough to win the campaign - now the results must come. And come quickly.

The blog beingtotallysweetinchicago has unearthed one of those eccentric city occurrences that kind of defies categorization.

Is it kind of cool that two-wheeled Travis - no last name - is an impresario with a niche amongst the Wicker Park hipsters? His hand-crafted flip bike and head-over-heals ability a sure money-earner for the post-bars wearers of skinny jeans. Or is he just another kook, a bucket boy without a bucket that amounts to no more than a dangerous distraction when you're trying to cross the street under the burden of an inflated blood alcohol content?

Whatever the case, it's not a cycling move you see every day even in a city accustomed to marauders on bikes of various shapes and sizes. So while Travis gets an "A" for innovation, he'll likely still land on a many a list of reasons why cyclists, pedestrians and motorists are the oil and water of Chicago's streets.

Being Big Bird.jpg

Finally, a big twitter social networking phenomenon we can all embrace.

Big Bird, the giant yellow star who made Sesame Street a happy place long before Elmo came along, turns 40 today. Definitely not a spring chicken anymore.

Picture 9.pngTo celebrate, Sesame Street's website is running a contest where you can vote for your favorite episodes from the the show's 40-year life on Public Television. Even Google has gotten in the game, sporting some decidedly chicken legs for the day above its search bar.

And while there has been controversy in the past over just how old Big Bird is in show years - he seems to be somewhere in the first-grade range if you're thinking of a gift - there's no denying he's been an iconic force in children's live for generations no matter his age.

And the 8-foot, 2-inch yellow original - he debuted on the original airing of "Sesame Street" in 1969 - shows no signs of slowing. Along with his buddies, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and the rest of the people and monsters on one of the world's most famous streets, Big Bird has seen and done a lot. From dealing with the death of Mr. Hooper to helping kids learn to read and count to making new friends, marking 40 years in feathers is quite the feat indeed.

And, of course, if Big Bird is 40, Sesame Street is also 40. There's a celebration planned for the actual anniversary date on November 10. Meanwhile, there's an interesting look in the AtlanticWire at some of the changes over the decades.


Wa30swine02.jpgThe smaht kids at Harvard are at it again. Harvard Medial School's publishing arm has released an iPhone app that, among other things, will map H1N1 news and reports near you.

Using the iPhone's geo-locating ability, the HMSMobile Swine Flue Center's "Outbreaks Near Me" HealthMap feature will pop pins on a Google map around your location, along with associated news links, so you know which direction to bar your doors and windows in to maintain maximum security.

There's also the fun of setting up an alert so you know when a "Dawn of the Dead" type outbreak crops up near you. So much the better for planning surgical mask hording.

As if that weren't enough fun for your germ-filled ride home on the bus, you can also find video guides for preventing infection, interactive tools to determine if an illness is likely to be swine flu, and advice for businesses dealing with illness, according to Harvard Health Publications.

The only thing it won't do is prevent you from getting Swine Flu. So make sure you wash your grimy hands after getting your high-tech flu hysteria on.

OK, at first glance a video on "who to eat a chicken wing" would seem to rank up there with "how to walk in a straight line" or "how to sit in a chair" in terms of instructional usefulness and necessity. I mean, it's eating a chicken wing! Take a gulp of beer, insert wing into your sauce-stained maw, repeat.

We're not talking brain surgery here.

But OK, it's not quite as lame as you might think. The FoodWishes blog gives us a useful tip on how to eat the flat, double-boned wings that are a minor pain when you're trying to get the good stuff that's always tied up behind the bones. It may be more effort than your average wing fan would want to put forth for a problem than ranks up there in severity with the infomercial people who can't get a loaf of bread out of the wrapper without spraining a wrist. But it gets some points for cleverness.

Now, about that plate of wings ...

Ever trip down the aisles of Costco while the forklift is beep-beeping its way around and wonder: "What would happen if one of those huge bundles of toilet paper came crashing down?"

Well, here's your answer. Except it's two rows of Russian vodka and $250,000 of the Motherland's finest down the drain. It should be pointed out that nobody was seriously injured in this epic mess - until the Russian mob got hold the unlucky driver, anyway - so you can feel free to rewind, rewatch and giggle to your heart's content.

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