Where cabbies, cyclists and the Letterman media storm meet

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This is not to make light of the plight of cabbies, apparently an endangered class of worker on our mean streets. Rather, it's to revel in the lunacy that is street stew of New York, made that much more piquant with the addition of some spicy cab drivers and fiery pedi-cab bikers.

While the New York media types were hanging outside the Ed Sullivan studio looking to grab some David Letterman stories, they managed to catch this seen of life on the bike-vs.-car streets, complete with beverage throwing, a fist fight/wrestling match, a thrown metal trash can and a not-so-fast get-away.

When all is said and done, it's probably more shocking not only that this doesn't happen more often, but that this hasn't been caught on video before. Of course, New York has had its issues recently with cyclist smackdowns, but that was a cop and Critical Mass, so no huge shock there. No word on whether there are any leads on the escaped biker - or whether they've got that beat-down officer looking for him.

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