Sylvester Stallone, Jasan Statham and a million rounds is par for 'Expendables'

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There's just not much you can add to this trailer for "The Expendables."

Well, maybe testicles. Because something with this much testosterone clearly has something driving the man-ness. Here's Stallone, directing, no less, returning to his monosyllabic roots for the glory of film-goers everywhere.

Plot? May be one, but who cares? There doesn't seem to be a lot of room for character development with all the rounds flying and asses being kicked. Relentlessly.

One thing's for sure, between Steven Seagal and Sly, this is shaping up to be an explosive 12 months in entertainment.

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1 Comment

Wow. It looks like they've got every major action actor all crammed into one movie built of so much testosterone that things just explode. It really does give off a blah-vibe, but the sad thing is is that a large number of people will actually want to see this movie.

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