Kanye is still alive (sorry, Taylor)



Kanye West is dead. Long live Kanye West.

Or so some Twitter prankster would have you believe.

Early today, Twitter became abuzz with rumors that Chicago's most notorious rapper had passed on. The phrase "RIP Kanye West" began reproducing in tweets throughout the service, becoming a trending topic that's still No. 1 on the site as of this post.

West is, however, still alive and kicking. As The Daily Swarm put it in its round-up of news reports about this, he continues to not be dead.

How the "rumor" began remains unclear. But we're looking at you, Taylor Swift.

UPDATE: Two reports on how the hoax began -- first, Idolator traces it back to a phony Fox News page posted with a giant Kanye obit; or, Daily Swarm tags it to these meatheads.

The moral of the story: It's ridiculously easy to start rumoriffic mayhem. We propose some new hashtag heard-its ... #mileymising, #Tribuneshutdown, #daleyretires. Your suggestions?



rumor began on 4chan

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