Can you find Jesus in an Ikea bathroom?

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Depending on your personal faith and system of beliefs, the concept of Jesus living within all of us may be a familiar concept. But can he live in a toilet door in a Scottish Ikea?

gandalf.jpgDepends on how you view the photo above - though the London Telegraph also poses the possibility that it's actually Gandalf the "Lord of the Rings" wizard, but to each their own.

One shopper said: "It takes you by surprise. It is really clear in the wood.

"I was only heading to the toilet and found God. My wife thought He looked like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings but it is definitely more like the Turin Shroud.

There's been no shortage of found Christ images through the years, from the Cheeto Jesus - Cheesus, if you prefer - to a crispy Christ fish stick.

In fact, London's Daily Mail did a piece chronicling the rich history of food-based visions in recent years. And if you can't find Christ in your crust naturally, there's the Jesus Pan to help those who help themselves by cooking His face onto your pancakes.

But can Jesus appear to bathroom-goers in Ikea? And is this even really a picture of Jesus, engrained, if you will, in the medium density fiberboard that is the lifeblood of the Swedish cheap furniture giant?

Well, for their part, Ikea's powers-that-be aren't stepping on the faith of their shoppers, but they see a somewhat less divine face appearing:

In a further twist, Ikea bosses claim that the image is really Benny Anderson, of the Eurovision Song Contest-winning Swedish 1970s Europop outfit ABBA.

A spokeswoman said: "Swedishness is engrained in every part of our stores."

ABBA isn't often the first thought that comes to mind when it comes to this sort of thing. But sometimes, a leap of faith is the first step needed. But you be the judge - this Benny, Jesus, Gandalf the White or just a bit of wood grain in a cheap pine door?

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