When actors attack! Wolverine vs. cell phone

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Please silence your cell phones now. Or you're gonna make Wolverine slip his claws out. And James Bond might shoot you right between the eyes.

In the never-ending annals of jerks and their cell phones, Wednesday night's performance of "A Steady Rain" on Broadway was interrupted not once but twice by a rude audience member's ringing phone. The stars of the acclaimed play, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, broke character and asked the patron to please, for the love of all that's holy, silence the damn thing.

In this video, Jackman paces the stage -- seemingly half in character, half out -- waiting for the madness to end ...

Of course, ahem, you're not supposed to be videotaping during a performance, either.

Good thing Patti LuPone wasn't on stage. Earlier this year, during her revival of "Gypsy" on Broadway, she stopped the show during "Rose's Turn" to scream at an audience member who was taking photos -- with a flash.

Here's the audio (you'll have to crank your volume) of her laying into the guy and offering an extemporaneous homily on public manners ...

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