What kind of 'Idol' judge will Ellen be?


Once again, Obama delivers an impassioned speech about whether or not we can all see a doctor when we want to, and the next morning there's an enormous diversion. Because, OMG, Ellen DeGeneres is replacing Paula Abdul as the fourth permanent judge on "American Idol"!!!

Fans are divided on the pick, but this won't be DeGeneres' first time in a reality TV judge's seat -- or on "Idol." She served as a guest judge earlier this summer on "So You Think You Can Dance," critiquing the dancing competition's top eight finalists. In 2007, she was the co-host of "Idol Gives Back," the singing contest's charity event. She returned the next year in a pre-taped segment.

What kind of judge will she be? Here's an edit of just Ellen's clips from "So You Think You Can Dance":

Kara DioGuardi was a guest early this year on "Ellen":

Will they get along? Will there be catfights? Will they be a female voting bloc against the men, Simon and Randy?


I won't be watching American Idol anymore with Ellen as a judge! She turns my stomach,is loud mouthed and thinks she is the creator of lesbians!

Dear Suzy, That's OK. We won't miss you.

The death of American Idol. Mark my words. What the ^^*#@$^*#^^#@$&??@?@ does the most annoying comedian EVER know about the music business???

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