Patrick Swayze is dead, sadly, but 'Red Dawn' lives on

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Sad news tonight that Patrick Swayze, by all accounts, one of the better people in Hollywood, has passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

For most people, he'll be remembered as the sultry teacher for Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing." Or maybe as the leading man in the afterlife in the chick flick uberhit "Ghost." Or maybe from his latest and last roll in "The Beast," the gritty crime drama set in Chicago. Or as the adrenaline junkie bank robber, Bohdi, in "Point Break." Dare to dream, he might even be remembered after a long career as Dalton ("Be nice ... until it's time not to be nice) in the classic "Road House."

But for me, as a child of the '80s in rural America where God, guns and guts were all we had to keep the Commies at bay, I'll always think of his role as Jed, the leader of a scrappy band of teen freedom fighters in "Red Dawn." So here's the whole movie, in chapters, to honor Swayze.

Wolverines! ...

Rest of the movie after the jump ...

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