News anchor Ernie Anastos gets fried by foul chicken flub

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anchor.jpgWhat's it take for a news anchor to become a household name in the Internet age? An F'd chicken - and we're not talking fried, either.

Ernie Anastos, who anchors the New York Fox stations WNYW nightly news cast was engaging in that witty banter with the weather guy that we all love so dearly. Not sure what led to the quip, but he paraphrases the old Frank Perdue chicken commercial, saying, "It takes a tough ma to make a tender forecast."

White teeth are flashed in chuckles and perfect hair remains in place ... and then it's into the fryer:

OK. Big deal. So what. Anchors are human, too, right. Mistakes get made.

True, but this is the age of snark and instant video uploads. So not only has Anastos' inadvertent f-bomb blanketed the internet, but he seems to have created a fowl, err, foul new catch phrase: "keep f-ing that chicken." All the kids are using it.

Fox isn't laughing, though. The vice president and general manager of WNYW, Lew Leone, said he's "disappointed" in Anastos' comment. and Anastos apologized during Thursday's newscast.

"I misspoke during last night's newscast," he said. "I apologize for my remarks to anyone who may have been offended."

Not that anyone thinks Anastos, an Emmy-winning anchor, who has been a mainstay on New York's evening news for more than three decades, did it on purpose.

"Everybody likes Ernie, and knows he would never say that on the air," one staffer said in the New York Daily News. "Nobody has a bad word to say about Ernie. He's revered at the station."

He may be revered, but that's not evident in the tremendously horrified expression on co-anchor Dari Alexander's face.

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