LEGO master Sean Kenney makes his job look like a snap

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Sean Kenney has the best job in the world - he plays with LEGOs. All day. For money.

Kenney is one of a handful of certified LEGO artists in the world who works to create designs using the literally millions of plastic bricks he stocks in his New York apartment.

greatwall11.jpgSome of the work is commissioned, but there's plenty he does just for the hell of it like his Great Wall of China. And yes, for just $4,000 you can take home the original 3-foot wide sculpture, glued together for safety.

Sure, you probably want to know how you get this gig, or at least how Kenney got it. Easy. You just quit, as he told TimeOut New York:

In 2002, Kenney was designing website user interfaces for Lehman Brothers during the day. At night, he would build with the LEGO collection he had rescued from his parents' house upon graduating from Rutgers University four years earlier. In the middle of an argument with a colleague, he stood up, took off his ID tag and pager, and quit. "I had just left this six-figure gig, and all I could think about was getting home to play with my toys."

But what type of work can you commission a LEGO sculptor to create? Oh, I don't know, how 'bout a 250-pound Nintendo DSi display at the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center, New York City this past April, with more than 51,000 LEGO bricks used?

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