"Dancing with the Stars" Patrick Swayze tribute overlooks "Road House"

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The mega-schlock moments cascaded from the stage Wednesday night as ABC's mega-hit "Dancing with the Stars" tapped out a few numbers to celebrate the life of Patrick Swayze.

OK. Fine. In a world filled with disingenuous moments of constructed emotion, why not benefit with some extra ratings on top of the poor guy's final year of suffering. But please, a little originality isn't such a terrible thing.

Yeah, they hit "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" moments, complete with open shirts and short skirts. But that's taking the easy way out. Why no dances celebrating his other side? There was a musical/dancish interlude with Helen Hunt in "Next of Kin." What about the incredibly sensual seduction scene in "Road House" when Sam Elliot's Wade Garret tries to lure Kelly Lynch away from Swayze's Dalton in the all-night diner? Or how 'bout the choreography from "To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar?"

Or the touching final moments as he carries the nearly lifeless body of brother Charlie Sheen in "Red Dawn."

Any of these would have added something to the moment. Try again, "DWTS," you can do better. You get a "5" for this effort - not enough content.

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