The flaming guitar pick of Thiago Della Vega

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Can't take the whole thing? Forward to the 7:45 mark for the flaming strings of a world record.

This has been around a little bit, but it's definitely worth a look for anybody who thinks they know how to crunch a guitar riff.

Watch the whole thing and two truths will clarify in your mind: 1) Flight of the Bumble Bee is an evil song that you never want to hear again and B) at 320 beats per minute and with the tune still clearly heard to that damn song, this guy incredible at what he does.

This guy is Thiago Della Vega, by far the fastest guitar player in the world. Seriously. The Brazilian, of whom there is not a lot of other information, has the Guinness World Record to prove it - though there is a controversy about whether he owns the record and should have played, no lie, Dueling Banjos to be official.

And, yes, the debate rages about whether he's a real guitar player. The fretheads give him his due as a quick picker, but whether that in and of itself counts as guitar playing? Well, who am I to judge. Check it out and make up your own mind.

But when prog metal meets Flight of the Bumble Bee, well, what can you really say?

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