Snuggie for dogs: the human race at its finest

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Think the Snuggie fad is waning? Nope, it's just gone to the dogs. Literally.

Like the product of a 3 a.m. ideafest after a Snuggie pub crawl and because the good folks at Snuggie hadn't fleeced enough of us with their children's book-colored backwards robes, they've come up with the next big market full of creatures that just can't handle the responsibility and technical expertise of a blanket: your dog.

Witness the ad, filled with those little drop-kick pooches freezing their yappers off until a kindly owner swoops in with the day-glow death shroud for dogs.

OK the little dogs, maybe, you can see this on. But a golden retriever? It would be like a fur-lined humidor. And what happens when Cuddles wants to roll on that dead rat carcass when you kick him out on midnight in January?

What's next, a Snuggie for imaginary friends? Snuggies for the homeless?

How 'bout going ironic with Snuggies for sheep? But let's leave the dogs out of this, especially the little ones. They have enough self esteem issues as it is.

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Ha ha ha! Snuggies for Dogs...who knew? Whoever created this product must be drowning in the $$$. I swear, it's the Pet Rock of our generation. All these years I've been trying to come up with the next iPhone...turns out all I needed to do was turn my bathrobe around!

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