Dave Carroll posts United Breaks Guitars, Song 2, then smashes a guitar himself

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Dave Carroll, the Canadian musician and YouTube phenomenon thanks to a guitar smashed by United Airlines, is back with part 2 of his trilogy on the tragedy.

Cleverly titled "United Breaks Guitars Song 2," this one is starting to edge into the annoying realm of whiny, but it's not there yet, so what the heck, give it a watch. If nothing else the end is pretty clever - and those darn Canadians are all just so ... nice! How can you say no?

Anyway, here's what Carroll has to say about Song 2, which he says details the ridiculousness of his correspondence with the United customer "service" folks and they eventual dismissal of him and his claim absolutely.

And here's what Carroll has to say about the vastly increased production value on this video:

and the saga continues ...

On Tuesday August 5 we reconvened at the field behind the Station 41 fire department in Waverley NS to shoot the second video in the trilogy, United Breaks Guitars: Song 2. Once again, everyone volunteered their time and talent to produce an outstanding video; however, Song 2 was a much bigger production than United Breaks Guitars. In addition to the main roles, we had nearly 100 extras in the cast and in order to say everything we wanted to say with the video, we required a broken guitar, an imitation broken guitar, a 40 foot high scissor lift, a limousine (complete with secret service agents), one genuine imitation space capsule, a space suit, a tuba, 3 suits of German Lederhosen, a canoe, one white panel van and a woman willing to wear tights and a big dollar sign.

There is a promised third installment to this broken ax tale. Judging from the increased fanfare around this latest video, that one may go straight to MTV. Except they don't do videos anymore.

We'll be on the lookout. And United Airlines, just give him his damn $1,200 already.

And Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, which apparently played in Dundee last week, are looking for United horror - or happy - stories:

United suggests recent policy changes have solved their problems...is this true? Send recent stories to dave@davecarrollmusic.com

So keep him in mind next time the airline smashes on of your precious items - no, your soul doesn't count.

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As usual for the Red One camera that was used for this movie, what little video noise there is looks more film-like than noisy.

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