You don't need yoga to make a creepy children's show, but it helps



Sorry, had to get that out before discussing this, umm, physical fitness video, featured at, with the Yogi Ogi Dogi on his kiddee yoga farm.

Yes, you read that right.

And before anybody squawks, yoga is great. Physical fitness is great. Kids shows are great. But combine the three and you get the polar opposite of great.You get creepy yoga man manipulating kids in cringe-inducing ways and positioning himself awkwardly in front of those poor, impressionable minds.

Whack-a-do kid's shows are nothing new, and there are always plenty of lists of the weirdest/creepiest ones as new waves of parents discover the TV is not always the nurturing baby-sitter they thought it might be.

You know, things like this mind-bruising 4 minutes of Wiggles puppetry weirdness and dance music, which was enough to skeeve out a Web Site called "Pretty Scary - For Women in Horror by Women on Horror. Umm ...:

But that's by no means the worst of kid's programming. There's the whole late '70s, '80s nightmare to plum for some truly frightening, coked-up interludes. Just check this cobbled-together nonsense out to see what our children have been submitted to over the years:

All pretty freaky. But to be honest, those puppets on Mr. Rogers still weird me out the most. And don't get me started on Bozo. And, of course, there's the Crown Prince of Creepyland: Pee Wee Herman, and that's without even taking his porn theater masturbation bust into account.

Good Lord, can we just get the Justice League back and call it a win?


his name is "Mr. Rogers"
there is no "d" in his name.
and yes... his puppets were creepy. Especially the woman who lived in the merry go round.

Demented "d" gone - and you're right about the merry-go-round lady. Makes my spine tingle just thinking about her voice.

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