SHINY VIRAL VIDEO: Kurt Cobain's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' gets Rickrolled in new mashup

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kurt-cobain.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to come back to the Internet after the death of Rickrolling, it comes screaming back, smelling like teen spirit. Or, rather, Teen Spirit.

And you thought the Kurt Cobain story was tragic when he was just killing himself and fostering a Courtney Love festival of conspiracy theories.

Thanks to German spinner DJ Morgoth, we now have a mashup of Nirvana's ubiquitous "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Rick Astley's hard to kill "Never Gonna Give You Up." You get Astley's singing and lyrics to the tune of Nirvana's "Spirit."

And, most shocking of all, it kinda works. Like, spookily so. Tune-for-lyric, it's almost like Kurt Cobain wrote "Spirit" with Astley in mind, despite the fact that Nirvana was the grungy punk monster that came along to kill top 40 radio pap like Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Various message boards, like over at Mashable, are thinking Cobain is Rickrolling in his grave over this. But he was a pretty impish guy and would probably appreciate the novelty, if nothing else. Along with Dave Grohl, you'd probably even get a cover in their reunion tour, though Krist Novacelic, being largely humorous, would probably sit this one out.

But enough about the bizarre Astley-Cobain crossing of the streams. To get that demented video image out of your mind, and to keep Kurt Loder off our backs, here's the real "Smells Like Teen Spirt." You can find your own Rickroll, if you feel the need.

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