Quick! Deploy the Bat-polls for the Bat-campaign!

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By Misha Davenport

In other comic book news, DC's first (and possibly only) Jewish, lesbian crime fighter Batwoman (a k a Kate Kane) has apparently thrown her hat -- er, we mean cowl -- into the ring in the race to be the next mayor of Washington, D.C.

"Today, I, Batwoman, proudly announce my candidacy for mayor Washington, DC," reads a statement on the Web site www.batwomanfordc.com. "I do so because I believe that we are in a monumental period in the history of our nation's capital that requires a different kind of leadership. We need a real hero for real equality."

She indicates in a position statement on the site that she is opposed to California's Prop 8 (which banned gay marriage) but supports universal health care and the immigrant reform bill known as the Dream Act.

Batwoman is the latest DC character to announce a candidacy for the position; the Atom, Superman and Green Lantern are also running, as is rival publishing house Marvel's Spider-Man.

Visitors to the Web site are encouraged to follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. A vote is planned for July 10.

In addition to being a pretty decent publicity stunt for DC Comics, the project is part of the New Organizing Institute's political bootcamp, in which college graduates are charged with running their own fictional mayoral campaigns as part of their training.

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