Mel Gibson brings women and fire back to music videos, but he's no Motley Crue

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In case you're wondering what Mel Gibson's been up to lately, and who hasn't, here's your answer: He wants his MTV!

(OK, that's slightly inaccurate. He wants music videos, which MTV forgot about a decade ago, but you get the idea.)

But Mel doesn't want just any music videos, he needs an epic. Something cinematic. Something with with burning, fiery passion that only true artistic genius can produce. Like, I don't know, his Russian homewrecking girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, for instance.

Seems that she has musical abilities beyond ringing Mel's bells - she's also a singer! With a piano!

But a girl without a music video hardly a pop star makes. So Mel, being the giver he is, jumped in to make the most overwrought, torchsong (literally) epic possible for Grigorieva's "Beautiful Heartache."

As a video the kids on TRL (wait, that's dead, too?) will clamour for, this is an Apocalepic effort. As proof of it's quality, comments have been turned off on YouTube.

So you'll just have to share your snark with your friends in person, it seems. And watch out you don't get burnt with all the flames.

Oh, and Oksana, Angelina Jolie called. She wants her look back.

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