Just how much is $1 trillion? Dr. Evil? Anyone?

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drevil.jpgNormally at Shiny Objects, we try not to get too heavy with content. But sometimes a story is so momentous, we can't help but weigh in with some keen analysis to help keep the huddled masses informed.

In case you haven't been following the economic news lately, which impacts everything from the amount of Starbucks our celebrities can buy before being photographed by the paparazzi to the amount of cool new tech toys you can pocket, here's a concise summary:

We're screwed.

From bailouts to bank closings to layoffs, there's little that's gone right over the last year. Sure, if your listen to the glass-half-full crow, they'll tell you things are on the turnaround. OK, fair enough. But, we still have to pay the piper at some point. And that's where that clever little video comes in.

The folks at mint.com decided to show us with the latest buzz work in governmental economics, TRILLION, really looks like in spending power. There are quibbles over the actual amount the final cost of turning around the Titanic that is our economy will be, but one things for sure: $1 trillion is a lot, no matter how many trillions we're talking.

Completely depressed over our debt burden? Confused about who gets how much and who pays? Looking for an online game with an easy jazz background track to help you figure things out? Try the Bailout Game. And don't forget to ask Greenspan!

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