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By Misha Davenport

Even though it's Wednesday, it sure feels like Sunday. We blame DC's new Wednesday Comics (DC, $3.99).

Beginning today and continuing for the next 11 weeks, DC is publishing a weekly 16-page, broadsheet newspaper featuring 15 stories. The project makes us long for the days when the Sunday funnies were that many pages instead of the more common four to six pages they are today.

Alongside the weekly exploits of famous characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, lesser-known characters like Kamandi the Last Boy On Earth, Metamorpho and Adam Strange are getting their moments to shine.

A host of A-list artists and writers are working on each of the strips, including Chicago-based comic book author Brian Azzarello (who is co-writing the Batman strip with Eduardo Risso). Azzarello's debut strip is particularly grizzly and concerns the kidnapping and seemingly senseless murder of an investment banker.

Our favorite this week: Iris West (by Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher), a "Mary Worth"-like look at the shortcomings of being married to a superhero. Despite being married to the Flash (the fastest man on earth), her hubby is frequently late to dinner or canceling plans altogether. In the debut strip, Iris has finally had enough.

The use of Benday-dot printing in that strip is particularly effective, recalling the art style of 1960s romance comic books.

Look for Wednesday Comics in your local comic book store starting today.


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