The next Fox series: When raptors attack your remote-control aircraft

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Raptor attack! from Billwhit on Vimeo.

Eagle.jpgLest you think man has finally gained control of the skies again after that whole Flight 1549 bird attack, well, let this be a lesson to you:

The birds will not be that easily defeated.

As you can see from the video, they're scaling down their ambitions a bit, turning in the Airbus 380 attacks for, in this case, a remote-control eagle (pictured). Still, quite the assault. The culprit? A raptor of some sort, though it's a little hard to tell in the lightning strikes whether a hawk or a real eagle.

As the pilot says, quite the harrowing ordeal:

A large raptor attacks my remote controlled eagle. I barely get away by making quick dives until some crows come to my rescue!

Either way, we land-dwellers should consider ourselves warned:

it's on.

And not just in the skies, apparently, as you can. Seems our feathered frienemies are taking the fight to the streets, no longer content to wait for us to enter their airspace.

(Best part: The woman who just keeps talking on her cell phone or the guy who flips the bird the bird?)

Watch. Your. Heads.

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