Shepard Fairey's doing just fine, no thanks to the Associated Press

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Obama Poster Artist.jpgFor those of you who are fans of self-professed street punk artist Shepard Fairey, this video by Arktip Magazine is a 2-minute treat of creation in process.

Shot to coincide with their focus on the man, perhaps now best known for his Barack Obama "Hope" image, for the upcoming issue, it plays to the tones of "Everything Down" by Los Angeles noise band No Age. And it's a spot-on accompaniment as he sprays, pastes and draws a work together in slap-dash fashion. It's almost a shame it's not a longer video.

obey.jpgOf course Fairey, who came to fame for his "Obey" works created as a student in the Rhode Island School of Design in the late '80s and street art, has been in the news lately for a legal tussle with the Associated Press over the use of an AP photo as the background for his Obama image. AP says he stole their intellectual property, Fairey claims fair use. But while that drags out, The Onion's AV Club caught up with the artist recently to chat about the case, his work and where his life's at now.

As it turns out, he's got at least one reason to be OK. Looks like his latest brush with the law fizzled after 14 charges of vandalism in Boston were dropped earlier this month.

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