Popsicle. Daniel Craig popsicle.

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Well, if you've ever admitted to wanting your mouth all over James Bond star Daniel Craig, now's your chance. And here's the weird thing: He tastes like blueberry.

Or pomegranate. Or cranberry. Those are the flavors of the new Daniel Craig popsicles, available this week in Britain from Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies. Why make a popsicle in the shape of 41-year-old hunk Daniel Craig, you ask? Why the hell not, we say. But here's the marketing answer: "'Daniel Craig topped our poll of Britain's coolest celebrities and thanks to our Del Monte lolly replica he is officially immortalised as super smooth and licensed to chill," said spokesman Matt O'Connor. Sigh. You knew that pun was coming.

The frozen treats are modeled after Craig's appearance fresh out of the ocean -- hubba -- in his first film as Bond, "Casino Royale" in 2006.

The others topping the poll of male celebs that British women would most like to see on the end of a stick? Jude Law was second, Hugh Grant was third, Steve Jones fourth and Tom Jones fifth. Hmm, what flavor should they have been?

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