Patti Blagojevich, fighting for Illinois pride, eats tarantula and looks good next to Spencer Pratt

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If you thought Illinois was up the creek with a massive budgetary shortfall, it's nothing compared to our former first lady and her efforts to ford a stream in Costa Rica. She's a celebrity (sort of) who can't get out of there.

But for all the glory - err, infamy, whatever - clan Blago has brought the Land of Lincoln, they still look like class on a cracker compared to celebrity/Christian/annoyance couple Spencer and Heidi Pratt. In fact, this hip hop effort the "Hills" "star" put out might be the best thing about this show and his contribution to it:

UPDATE: While the Pratts went wandering in the jungle and spent some quality time throwing a terrible two fit on their fellow contestants, Patti came of looking, well, classy might not be the word. But certainly sympathetic.

Lady McBlagojevich spent some heart-to-heart moments professing her husband's, disgraced ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, innocence. She also got to chow down on a smashed tarantula as part of a challenge with actor Lou Diamond Phillips. True, she finished last and ate the whole arachnid, but at least she maintained her dignity. Or something.

You can relive the gory details here.

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