Pointless toilet humor post of the day

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Don't tell me the economy is sour. If we were in a real depression, or even a recession, would we have people (a) manufacturing luxury products like this or (b) needing to discuss them publicly? It ain't exactly selling pencils.

Here's a semi-viral video making its rounds on the Web -- the commercial for Comfort Wipe, a plastic tool that holds your toilet paper for you as you, er, use it. "The first improvement in toilet paper, as we know it, since the 1880s!" the narrator declares. (I love that the writers added that clause, "as we know it," as if there have been outlaw toilet paper cults experimenting clandestinely with radical TP tech. Of course, I thought we'd made a major improvement in the stuff when, as teens, we discovered how artfully it could decorate someone's lawn in the middle of the night ...)

Buy now and receive a free "Get a Grip." Irony not included.

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