No more Beer Bike in Amsterdam? Who's peddling that lame idea?

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With Bike to Work Week set to start Saturday, it seems like the appropriate time to remind everyone that while you may want to take the Beer Bike in, it's probably a better idea to take it home.

Unfortunately you would have to work in Amsterdam to take advantage, anyway. And now it seems like that fine city may not be able to enjoy a 10-seater bike built around a bar.

Various outlets are reporting that Hans Gerson, the city counselor responsible for squashing fun, is mad that drunks get to peddle through the city center for some reason:

"This beer bike is completely legal, but he (Gerson) is not very enthusiastic about this idea of people drinking while being amongst traffic," a spokeswoman said.

Surely a knee-jerk reaction over what? A couple of accidents with the keg-speed since April?

Just goes to show you, you try to help the environment AND enjoy liquid refreshment and you get in trouble. No good 10-speed deed goes unpunished.

Hey, at least these rolling punters weren't on their cell phones (though, as with all good drunks, they really should be wearing helmets).

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