Humorless minions unite behind Letterman protest

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It's the bad joke that won't go away.

Gov. Sarah Palin took great offense to late-night talk show host David Letterman's wisecrack about one of her daughters getting "knocked up: by baseball star Alex Rodriguez, and he sort of apologized on the air. But reaction to the manufactured bruhaha goes on, and on, and on, and on -- and now sympathizers are attempting to rally a crowd to protest the show and demand that ol' Dave get the boot.

A new Web site,, has popped up, demanding -- and this is their own poor grammar -- "David Letterman Must Held Be Accountable For His Disgraceful Statements." The Drudge-like site, created by conservative author Michael Patrick Leahy, allows users to print their very own protest letter to send to the CBS show's sponsors, plus news of a protest planned for tomorrow afternoon outside Letterman's theater on Broadway in New York City.

Think this will affect Letterman's current contract negotiations?

Finally, we just have to say: Why is no one in this mess worried about A-Rod's feelings?

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