Gay marriage illegal where you live? Try 'The Sims 3'

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People in the real world are still grappling with whether or not to allow gay couples the right of marriage and/or civil unions. But in the virtual world, the matter appears to be settled.

A blogger at, Lyle Masaki, checked out the new edition of the popular pretend-life game "The Sims 3" and reports that "after a week of game time, I was able to get a male couple to plan a wedding party and tie the knot." A week of game time translates to about six months of dating in real life, right?

"The Sims" has always been inclusive of gay couples, Masaki writes. The first version of the game allowed gay pairs to live together but not get married. "The Sims 2" allowed a coupling that granted all the same basic rights as marriage without specifically calling it that. Now two simulated guys can hook up, tie the knot and be called "husbands" to each other.

Some gamers report online that gay couples can even adopt young'uns.

Strangely, too, there have been no virtual protests. What would the signs say, after all? "The Processor hates fags"?

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