Can't touch this flashmob - M.C. Hammer sends his friends to the mall

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A&E, you can't make me watch "Hammertime," no matter how many brilliant, gold-pantsed, M.C. Hammer flashmob dancers you roll into the malls of America (OK, maybe just a sneak peak based on this review).

But this dance-a-thon - yes, I know it's an ad and I don't care - is like a smile made of shimmery dance garments. You can't not smile when you watch it. Go ahead, try ... I'll wait ...

Is it effective advertising? Makes me think of Hammer, but not want to watch the show, so I suppose it's good marketing at least. But you're not supposed to want to watch the ad more than the show, are you?

And, of course, here's a look at the original Hammertime brilliance, complete with his powerful influence on the baggy pants movement of the day:

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