BIG SHINY, err, GLOOMY PICTURE: Remember the sun in Chicago? No? Neither do we

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6-18-08 Hein.jpg

Elijah Morton and friends test the waters of Foster Ave. Beach last June.(Rich Hein, Sun-Times)


A sailboat and a sunny Chicago skyline to steer her by does it get any better? (John J. Kim, Sun-Times)

You can find some more sunny Chicago photos here.

And now for the weather ... blah, blah, blah.

OK, you can just make that one, big BLAH

Seem like the sun has been a rumor all spring, not to mention the warmth and happiness it brings? Well, you're right, the big orange ball has been conspicuously absent since April1.

Shockingly so according to Andy Boxell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Chicago office. Andy pulled out the following stats to quantify our misery, so far, and it ain't pretty. Keep in mind, this is just days with precipitation, too, since the NWS doesn't really track crappy, err, cloudy in and of itself.


18 out of 30 days, for 5.19 inches


14 out of 31 days, for 3.63 inches

And the worst of the bunch so far ...


8 out of 11 days, for 1.08 inches

Wow, it just keeps getting better, huh? Oh, and if you think it's also been cold to complete the gloom pie, you're kinda right.

According to the measurements at O'Hare, April was a little below average daily temperature, at 47.25 degrees, and May was actually a little above average, at 60.45 degrees.

June the jerk has been way below the historical average, a balmy 68.2 degrees, keeping us in coats at 59.2.

And yes, it is cooler near the lake - but not in a good way. Boxell points out that we have seen a steady stream of days with the wind blowing out of the northeast keeping things frost for the city.

So what does all this mean, apart from increased sales of sun lamps and cases of seasonal affective disorder?

Not much, of course. In a month or two we'll all be whining about the heat and humidity and pining for Bears games (you may be able to forget about October baseball). But in the meantime, enjoy the photos of sun in the Second City and keep telling yourself there will be more soon enough - just not too soon, according to the week-ahead forecast. Damn weather.

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