Tweety? Twitter tawt it saw a puddy tat

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The race is on for another celebrity trying to rack up the hollow honor of reaching a certain number of Twitter followers. But this celebrity is different. This one craps in a litter box.

Sockington is now a full-fledged media star, having gathered 500,000 followers on Twitter and declaring a goal for 1 million. He tweets about his daily adventures in his Boston condo, about his cat naps, about the other cats who are clearly soooooo jealous of him.

Sockington, or "Socks" for short, is the cat of Jason Scott, a 38-year-old computer historian and computer administrator from Waltham, Mass. Since late 2007, Scott has been tweeting from Sockington's perspective -- and finding a "Socks Army" of followers. (Many of his followers are pets, too.)

Dogs and cats in social media isn't anything new. Many have made Facebook pages (there are applications for both "Dogbook" and "Catbook") and Web sites for their pets. The difference on Twitter is that the running thread of Sockington's feline commentary takes on the dimension of a comic strip. Scott has created a character with a particular voice by tweeting messages from Sockington's point of view like: "I must say no comment to the whole dining room incident. No questions please." "He's kind of functioning like a 'Garfield' comic," says Scott. "He's like the 21st century Garfield."

If you like tweets from crceatures who don't talk, try this one, too.

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