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If you're on Twitter, you're probably familiar with "Follow Friday," or, more accurately, #followfriday. It's a nice way for people to get the word out on some good follows on the microblogging phenomenon.

Our Sun-Times stream, @suntimes, is always fortunate to get recommendations from many fine folks, but we usually don't do our own list for a couple of reasons:

At 9,000+ being followed, it would be impossible to do it well ...

It would take forever and require numerous, annoying to some, posts ...

There are only so many hours in the day.

So, with that in mind, I'll try to compile a weekly list of sorts in this space of some good streams, in no particular order. If you don't see yours, nothing personal, you probably just got lost in the shuffle. Shoot me a DM - or leave a comment here - and you'll likely get added.

So, without further ado ...


Natasha Korecki, @natashakorecki, our federal courts reporter and a tremendous resource for finding out the dirt on everything from crooked politicians the cases in the news. Not sure about that background, though.

Lynn Sweet, @lynnsweet, our Washington Bureau Chief and an absolute reporting machine. If it's happening, particularly in the Obama realm, Lynn knew about it 15 minutes ago and had it online 10 minutes ago.

@cst_people is a good follow for lots of entertainment talk - especially music and celebs. Normally helmed by Thomas Conner.

Brad Biggs, @cst_bears, our Bears beat guy does a great job with everything a fan could want on the team in real, Twitter time. His blog is great, too.

Joe Cowley, @cst_sox, and Gordon Wittenmeyer, @cst_cubs, our baseball beat guys. Must follows, despite the tough season so far.

Paige Wiser, @paigewiser, our TV diva and broadcast obsessive. She's pretty comfortable chatting any pop culture, celebutainment story, too.

Stephanie Zimmermann, @cst_thefixer, our consumer affairs columnist does a great job reporting on all things to make you a smarter consumer and less prey. She has lots of free stuff news, too!

Sandra Guy, @sandraguy, a business reporter here who concentrates on retail and technology.

Andy Ihnatko, @ihnatko, our technology columnist and a beloved pundit. Also has remarkable sideburns.

Eric White, @erlwhite, our design director, and concerned citizen of White Sox Nation and a Colts fan. Whatever.

Me, @craignewman, who offers almost nothing of substance, but hey, I'm all about transparency.


@katriord, because she knows everything that's going on. And she likes us, she really likes us!

@kehaunaniokaala, because we just met - on Twitter - and Hawaii is a good happy place.

@demicooper, because they have lots of good info and all-around swell folks. because the world would be a better place with a few more gardens.

@moryan, who, yes, is the Trib TV critic, but I like her anyway. So there.

@sonofchicago because he clearly has good taste.

@ESOHEL because he has Freeze Pops ready to - but will he share?

@vaughnchicago because the man is like corruption - he's eveywhere in Chicago. And he's got the twitpic posts to prove it.

@jaketapper is another great source of D.C. news.

@alonis because she's awesome and has the West Coast 411.

@fox40 because they assure me they're awesome. So there.

Missing some names? You bet. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is this list. More to come each week.

Oh, and if you want to find us online in other Twitter-friendly, social media spots, here's a couple:

BrightKite, as chicagosuntimes

Digg, as chicagosuntimes

Reddit, as chicagosuntimes, as chicagosuntimes

FriendFeed, as suntimes

Our Facebook presence is in flux, but will be back soon enough.

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