Oscar Mayer wants you to take its wieners - and you can never have too many free hot dogs

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The best food is always free food, right, Oprah?

First there was the Denny's Grand Slam Super Bowl promotion that brought a stop to the country as lines poured out of the breakfast joints.

Then you could get your caffeine on with a free Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Then we had the infamous KFC free chicken deal promised by Oprah. Or did we? That promotion seemed to be clucked up from the get-go and many fans of the talk show queen are still crying foul over their unredeemable coupons.

Then the country scored a hole-in-one thanks thanks to a pro golfer's efforts in Sand Diego to secure P.F. Chang's chicken lettuce wraps for everybody.

Even a little free chocolate to take all the hurt away, courtesy the cocoa folks at Mars.And now Oscar Mayer - a division of Northfield-based Kraft - is hopping on the Wienermobile-driven bandwagon with a coupon deal on their Web site to give away a free pack of hot dogs.

Just in time for grilling season, though in annoying fashion, you have to enter an e-mail address and a physical address - no downloading of coupons for sausages, people!

So since we're rapidly turning into a Costco sample-seeking culture, what food do you want to see on the free table next? Sadly, there's no gimmes in the beer and liquor aisles, but there must be some munchies that are begging to be gratis. Chipotle burrito? Potbelly PB&J? Free Philly cheesesteaks on the 4th?

What's got your tumbly rumbly for the hook up?

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