Our national Google Trends nightmare is solved as the Banana Boat Rat question is cleared up

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If he had gone to Costa Rica, we may have had a Banana Boat Rat sighting.

A quick skim of Google Trends yesterday morning had this unlikely search phrase - Banana Boat Rat - popping up in the top spot with no apparent reason why. In fact, there doesn't even seem to be an actual Banana Boat Rat to even explore further to find out what the interest is.

Well, the mystery has been solved. Apparently a caller to an Atlanta radio station has a pretty whack story to tell about bringing a dog home from vacation only to discover it was actually a rat. Sounds like a load of banana boat b.s., but this is the Internet and truth is sometimes a fuzzy affair.

Anyway, since this story is a bit on the sketch side, it still seems like there should be a new category of animal, mineral or politician that can lay claim to the phrase. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it edible? Can you make a split out of it?

You tell us what a Banana Boat Rat is - send a picture if you have one - and we'll try to add some clarity to this little Google conundrum.

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