National Drivers Test lets you work out your issues without parallel parking

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How crap are you as a driver?

Yeah, sure, the other guy is always worse. Doesn't follow the rules of the road. Tailgates. Eats. Yaps on the phone. Drives with his head up his tailpipe. Stuff you would never do, right?

Well, here's your chance to prove it, Racer X.

The folks at GMAC Insurance, while waiting for a federal bailout for the GMAC parent company, have rolled out a the 5th annual National Drivers Test for you to spin through to see just how smart a roadster you really are.

No problem, you say? Here's a couple test questions to see if you have what it takes to drive Miss Daisy ...

You may pass on the right of another vehicle when:

A. When traveling on a multi-lane highway carrying two or more lanes of traffic in the same direction

B. The other vehicle is making or about to make a left turn, when a lane is provided to pass on the right

C. Both answers are correct

Under most conditions what is a safe following distance?

A. 3 seconds

B. 10 seconds

C. 20 seconds

A pedestrian is crossing your lane but there is no crosswalk. You should:

A. Make sure the pedestrian sees you, but continue driving

B. Stop and let the pedestrian cross the street

C. Carefully drive around the pedestrian

How'd you do? Answers after the jump ...

Answers: C, A and B

How'd you do? In the fast lane or back to driver's ed?

Once you get it sorted out, you can even play a fun little video game that lets you mow over old ladies and deer and such.

There's even a Facebook component that allows for challenging your friends on their roadworthiness. Just don't taunt them if they screw up - points off for road rage.

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