Mwaahhhhh! (Chewie says: happy Star Wars Day!)

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Naughty, Chewie! But, hey, according to the Supreme Court today, wardrobe malfunctions might be OK ...

Sure, it's Monday, and if you have a bad feeling about this, take heart: it's also "Star Wars" Day. This is a very unofficial holiday that grew out of a very bad pun -- declaring May 4 as "Star Wars" Day so lisping geeks could say, "May the fourth be with you."

To celebrate:

• Flip through our photo gallery of "Star Wars" stars ... where are they now?

• Staying home today? The president told you to call in sick, after all. Pull a hat down low over your face and head to the corner video store (we still have those, right?), and load up of the entire saga. Make a day of it. See how far you get into the prequels before feeling actually sick.

• Killing time at work? Bone up on your knowledge of "Star Wars" species, planets and various ephemera by perusing the Wookiepedia. Sample entry: "Lady Valarian was a female Whiphid from Toola who became a crime lord and Jabba Desilijic Tiure's main competitor on Tatooine." Score one geek point for each proper noun in that sentence you understand.

• Geek out on Twitter. The 'sphere is alive with "Star Wars" Day tweets.

• Stock up on party supplies for a "Star Wars" party. (Dig the Yoda-riffic thank-you notes -- "Thankful I am!")

• Fans of the Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston's triple-A affiliate team, celebrated "Star Wars" Day yesterday by attending the game in costume and watching Darth Vader himself throw out the first pitch.

• Start planning your vacation around another "Star Wars" day: On June 27, "Star Wars" fans will invade Disneyland, gathering for a group photo in front of the castle. All together now: "It's a Death Star, after all ..."

Relax. If you haven't seen the "Star Wars" films (all six of them) -- or, more likely, if you've only seen one or two or snatches of them on cable -- you're not alone. Enjoy this summary of the "Star Wars" saga by just such a person ...

Or, enjoy this video which retells the plot of the first "Star Wars" in 30 seconds ... and acted out by bunnies. (True geeks will notice that the laser and starship sound effects sampled in this video actually come from the original "Battlestar Galactica" TV series ...)

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