Meet Greg Pritchard, the latest shocking voice on "Britain's Got Talent"

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Greg Pritchard belts it out.

You've seen Paul Potts. You've seen Susan Boyle. You've seen Jamie Pugh. Now comes maybe the most, well, shocking might be the only word to describe the latest contestant on "Britain's Got Talent."

Meet Greg Pritchard, a 24-year-old waiter with dreams of worldwide stardom and a truly unique stage presence and persona.

Sadly, no embed for this yet, so watch here.

And be ready to turn your volume down, especially if you're at work.

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I wouldn't call Greg or his voice shocking. In fact he has a very rare and exceedingly great, raw talent. He is a male soprano and the chances of someone being able to have a voice like this is something like one in a billion.

Because it is so rare is why it might seem a bit strange for those of you have never heard this kind of thing before. This type of singing was very popular during the Baroque period, and young males were castrated before puberty to retain their high voices and were called Castrati, and very early this century it was totally banned by the Pope. The Castrati were highly prized if they were lucky enough to live after the operation, and some sang in choirs such as the Sistine Choir, and some became very famous opera singers.

Alessandro Moreschi is known as the last Castrati and the only one to have made a solo recording.

If you listen to his ytube video, you'll hear a version of Nessun Dorma sung by Timur Okutman who is a natural Castrati. It sounds very similar to Greg.

There are only a handful of people in the world with this ability and it should be venerated and not scorned.

Thanks for the links. "Shocking" is used here in the sense that it's an unexpected voice to come out of that package, not a denigration of his singing voice.

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