Is Established Men a prostitution ring, or just a sure thing for rich dudes?

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ABC's Nightline did an interesting story on a Web site,, that specializes in pairing up hot young golddiggers with well-off men looking for companionship.

Oh yeah, and sex.

And by the way, these guys are more than ready to pay for play. But it isn't whoring, they say! Mercy, no. They buy gifts for the chiccas and their generosity is reciprocated with they dirty dirty.

donjuan.jpgThese guys don't want relationships, they just want the hook-up.

Think of it as The Ladders meets, but with a really happy ending.

Sadly, there is no embed video, but you can watch the report here.

Considering this definition, which lays out prostitution as an act that trades sexual favors for money or goods, it seems the line between the Established Men model and Don "Magic" Juan's business is about as thin as a thong strap.

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