Hello, Internet music industry! Buh-bye, major labels!

Welcome to the new music industry. The beginnings of it, anyway. After years of futile resistance to the Internet's potential for popular music, its commercial outlets are beginning to relax their way into the brave new world. Two signs of life are spotlighted today at cool music news site The Daily Swarm: 1. In a few days, Hulu will broadcast its first live concert, streaming a Dave Matthews Band show on June 1. Ars Technica reports: "While the site has previously streamed certain live events, such as the 2008 presidential debates, the Dave Matthews Band concert marks the beginning of live-streamed entertainment." 2. Amazon, in conjunction with TuneCore, will soon introduce limited-run, on-demand CD pressing. Wired expands the details: "Tunecore will charge just $31 a year in upfront fees to handle a 10-track CD from pressing to delivery, passing all other costs through to the buyer. In other words, the service promises to remove nearly all of the risks of short-run CD manufacturing, which can cost musicians hundreds or even thousands of dollars for discs that rarely sell enough to cover expenses." That's called cutting out the middle men. Buh-bye, major labels. Been great to know ya.


Thanks, I enjoyed that.

Thanks, I enjoyed that.

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