Another birthday is dogging Chanel - she's 120-years-old today

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There's probably little chance Chanel will be doing any shots to celebrate her 21st birthday, but there will probably be lots of naps to cope with the excitement.

Chanel is a dog, you see. The world's oldest according to the Guinness Book of Records and, more importantly, her veterinarian. At 21 she tops out at 120 in the dog-years scale.

Yes, she has to wear those goofy red doggles because of cataracts and there's usually a sweater involved to warm her old dog bones, but she's still not ready to bark gently into that good night.

Now she only has seven more years to go til she catches the all-time doggie birthday record of 28-years-old, set by Butch, a beagle in Virginia who went to the big dog house in the sky in 2003. Then there's the 203-year-old Labrador, Bella, in Britain that rolled over for good in 2008 claiming the Guinness Record for K-9 longevity.

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