Another Britain's Got Talent Monday moment: Shaun Smith is the latest stunner - but is he the new favorite over Susan Boyle?

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The great singing surprises continue to roll out of "Britain's got Talent," which is now in its finals push.

This time it's a 17-year-old high school star athlete with the pipes for singing named Troy. Oh, wait, that's actually "High School Musical."

This kid is named Shaun Smith and is a rugby player when he's not breaking down the Bill Whithers classic, "Ain't No Sunshine," which was his audition song for the show. He took on U2's "With Or Without You" as his latest venture.

Here's a link to the extended clip with the post-song interview with the judges gushing - though Amanda thinks he needs more confidence, despite her seemingly being, umm, intrigued by his look. Anyway, the abbreviated version was the only one embeddable.

Seriously, how soon til this show is on in the U.S.?

So who's this kid up against? You'll find his competition after the jump ...

This multi-ethnic, multi-aged dance group named Diversity. They're pretty great, but the best part is Simon Cowell bashing Paula Abdul on "American Idol."

The hip hop dance crew Flawless, which on the plus side sample the "A-Team" theme for their music mix, but in the minus column seem to have gotten their costumes from Fascists R Us, made it through with Shuan.

Oh, and then there's some spinster named Susan Boyle. Maybe you've heard of her. Here she is with a freshly teased head of hair singing "Memories" from "Cats."

Though it seems the shine has come off the front-runner a bit - the show's message boards are not impressed with her semi-final performance - the judges are still in her corner though, it seems.

More finalists yet to be chosen.

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