Who is Chicago Larry?

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An unstoppable force? A rebel? A professional photographer? Try all of the above.

In fact, Chicago Larry -- who routinely refers to himself in the third person -- is the greatest celebrity photographer in the world (self-proclaimed).

The enigmatic Larry Stafford created plenty of intrigue when "Caviar" from "For the Love of Ray-J" VH-1 reality series identified him as her photographer and called him, "The closest person to me."

Upset by stiff competition on the show, Caviar phoned Chicago Larry to vent and let him know that she was "going crazy":

"Larry knows that," said the breathy voice on the other line. "So ... do me a favor... you're playing a game. Be you, but ... do whatever you can to play the game."

Sage advice, Chicago Larry. Sage advice.

Larry created such a stir on 'Ray-J' that the producers invited him back for last night's reunion show. By the looks of it, Larry enjoyed every second of his moment in the sun:

Larry summed up his general approach to life with the simple phrase: "I'm about all the pretty girls in the world."

Rumors are circulating that Chicago Larry is planning his own YouTube reality series. If it's going to be anything like the trailer, we'll be tuning in:

1 Comment

I appreciate the discussion here, but some of us like to suggest that perhaps there is a better way of looking at it that doesn't involve getting upset. Relax people! :-)

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