When airplanes attack!

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Cue the "Jaws" music ...

We could share a few of our own stories. Like the time we flew through the thunderstorm over Colorado and one of the engines was hit by lightning. Or the time the lady behind us used the air sick bag ... and then put it back into the seat pocket in front of her. Or the three times our luggage embarked on a completely separate holiday.

Yes, these are the tales of flights from hell. So of course now there's a Web site to collect them, and you can find it at ... wait for it ... FlightsFromHell.com. There you can read stories of passengers too large for one seat, gruesome medical issues, horrible odors in the cabin and more, including this little number:

Twenty years ago I took a flight home from the Dominican Republic that was totally full and there was a lot of commotion as people were getting situated. After everyone was sitting and we were preparing to take off, I heard what I thought was a chicken cluck. After a minute or so it got more frequent and louder and I was certain it was a bird. Other people noticed as well, and then the attendant came back and it was discovered that a fellow across the aisle a row ahead of me had a live fighting cock in a paper bag on his lap. The stewardess informed him that live animals were not permitted. In response, the angry passenger grabbed the bag and apparently killed the bird within the bag by twisting its neck. Everyone could hear the twist and crack. People were gasping, but incredibly this satisfied the attendant and away we went! How bizarre is that?

Pretty bizarre. When you're done reading, click here.

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