What do you get when you mix Andy Milonakis and Twitter? A rap video, of course!

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You could probably use a little music to get your day started right, maybe even some Twitter references since there's never enough mention of Twitter in the news these days.

Any reason we can't do both?

This tremendous bit of Twit Hop comes to us from Andy Milonakis and his musical collaborator K000l K0jak. You may remember Milonakis from his MTV show a few years back or from a few random sightings through the underbelly of pop culture. Anyway, he's gone to the trouble of making a halfway decent video slamming the ubiquity of Twitter, so why not watch? And don't worry, there's no mention of @Oprah.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go tweet about this because there's nothing I love more than being meta.

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