Vampire hooker target and ShamWow pitchman Vince Shlomi finds new life with a dance beat

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Wait a minute ... you mean to say you thought Slap Chop was just something ShamWow huckster Vince Shlomi used to beat biting hookers off his tongue? Come on, infomercial neophyte, you're better than that. The Slap Chop is actually the latest kitchen goodie you can shove small amounts of pre-chopped food into, smash the top and watch the food become smaller bits.

And who doesn't need that, right?

But we're not here to shill for Vince and his As-Seen-On-TV gem du jour. He doesn't need the help. Nope, this is all about MC "Love My Nuts" Shlomi and his next life as a YouTube remix star - the finest example so far by djsteveporter can be seen above.

Oh, and bonus points for slipping some "Breakin'" footage in there, Mr. DJ.

A quick YouTube search will yield a treasure trove of slapped and chopped reimaginings of Shlomi's work if you're so inclined.

And just in case you haven't seen the original, here's a a pre-bitten Vince dropping his beats like only he can ...

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