Plenty of beer brewing deserts in the U.S.

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Denver's Falling Rock Tap House might not brew it, but they pour it on if it is brewed in the region.

Over at the blog Sloshspot they put together a handy reference so you can find breweries throughout the country. In Chicago, we like to think of ourselves as a tippling town, and MillerCoors and Pabst offerings aside, we have some excellent local craft beer from Goose Island, Three Floyd's, Piece Brewery and the like. But we're pitifully dry compared to some of the rest of the country.


In fact, you may want to just pack your bags and head West, young sudsman. Turns out, as many an educated beer snob already knew, the Pacific Northwest and Colorado are being overserved - by breweries, that is.

According to Sloshspot's research, Portland, OR., alone has 32 of the 1,527 breweries in the U.S. And Colorado tops the nation with 103 breweries.

Can't head west of the Mississippi? You can always take a look at Vermont, which apparently has one brewery for every 32,698 people. The whole Northeast, in fact, is awash in fresh-brewed brew from quality smaller pubs.

But stay away from the Bible Belt, which averages two or fewer breweries for every million people.

Man, who's thirsty?

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