People eat Apple products up, but can you swallow an iPod shuffle?

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Disclaimer: We do not endorse this action and people should NOT try this, no matter how daring you think you are.

Can the iPod shuffle be swallowed? from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

The iPod and iPhone lines from Apple, once the domain of bleeding-edge hipsters, are now the ubiquitous calling card of a society. White earbuds pop up from the daycare to the old folks home.

Face it, whether you're a Mac or a PC, all things "i" are tasty.


But are they "tasty."

Does the iPod shuffle, left, really make beautiful music for your mouth?

Thankfully the good folks at Gizmodo wanted to find out if the iToys really are something worth eating up. They called in a professional sword swallower - can you have an amateur sword swallower? - named Heather, of all things, and gave her the seemingly simple task of knocking back the 1.8 x 0.7 x 0.3-inch, .38 gram iPod shuffle and letting the blogger listen to some tunes using the in-cord remote controls. This woman is used to throwing down 36-inch swords thanks to a highly trained and suppressed gag reflex. This tiny tune machine should be nothing but a treat right?

Wrong. It was too light? She couldn't get it down her throat. Gizmodo speculates that Apple has created a child- and moron-proof device that's too airy to choke on. And they may be right, but we recommend you don't try this at home whether you're a child or a moron.

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