Peapod: The cute, urban electric vehicle that will have you smiling (and your friends laughing)

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peapod.jpgIt's tiny, it's slow and probably won't turn heads on the street the way a Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Roadster might. But darn it, the thing sure is cute.

Chrysler's Peapod is the company's entry into an increasing amount of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) that are making their way to urban streets. The four-seat hipster carrier has a range of 30 miles and goes on sale today to mark Earth Day.

One perk of owning a Peapod is that your chances of getting a speeding ticket are markedly reduced due to the fact that it tops out at a paltry 25 mph. This also means you'll have a good excuse for avoiding the Eisenhower at all costs.

The car retails at $12,500 -- which includes the uber-nerdy option of using your iPhone as a key.

However, when you consider that the car uses no gasoline and emits no pollutants, it starts to make complete sense why its grill and overall design seems to be constantly smiling.

Grinning Peapod Car Prepares To Be Picked By Customers [Eco Geek]

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