Andrea Wachner's life lesson: Never go to your high school reunion when you can send a stripper instead

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Andrea Wachner is a high school survivor, like many of us, dreading a trip through time to take part in her 10-year reunion.

It may be the best years of our lives, but that doesn't mean you want to go back to relive them, dragging your fat, older, beaten-down-by-life self to take part in tribal comparisons with all the other formerly fresh faces to see who's better looking, more successful and generally annoying.

What to do? Hire a stripper to play yourself, of course!

So Wachner, a comedy writer and filmmaker, brought (or is that bought?) "Cricket" into the mix. A taller, sexier, more clothing-optional stand-in that goes through the halls flirting, insulting and being VERY outgoing with all of Wachner's former Los Angeles-are classmates, all of whom accept the stripper as the real deal.

And for good reason. The real Andrea has hooked her up with audio to feed names and details for authenticity and has the whole room wired on a video feed to follow the action live.

What happens? Happiness on all counts. And lap dances, of course.

Wachner, 31 explains on her MySpace page what she was looking to do with the filmed stunt:

"Here's the long and short of it ... I sent a stripper, as me, to my high school reunion, rigged it so I could feed 'Andrea' info, and filmed the whole thing."

Who would you send as a sub to avoid a reunion?

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