Endo TV - Snoop Dogg goes live with his wake-and-bake show

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snoop.jpg So you know how sometimes you'll be trolling the Internets, searching for the answers to life's deep questions? Well sometimes, friends, the Internets provide.

Snoop Dogg has a NSFW live show on Ustream - his wake-and-bake blowout. He sparks up, plays tunes, smokes weed, chats with his Twitter followers, hits the chronic and even does some occasional free-styling.

There's so many reasons to check this out - Snoop's easy humor, the fan questions and comments, the music - that you almost lose sight of the constant smoke billowing around the room. It's like being in the middle of a forest fire as the D-O-Double-G ceaselessly and unapologetically tokes on fat splifs.

And the vibe of the show? L-A-I-D back, of course.

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